Privacy Campground



Privacy Campground

2458 Hancock Road (Route 43)
Hancock, MA

For further information please call 413-458-3125.

Since 2009, Veterans and their families are welcome to camp free with their tent or van, as long as they like on space available basis. This is a good place to relax and recuperate from their stressful military and civilian lives.
The campground features 10 miles of picturesque hiking trails, ponds, sauna, rowboat, paddle-boat, children’s playground, fishing, badminton, volleyball, horseshoes, tetherball, croquet and an 8kw. hydroelectric power plant and wind and solar power. A picnic table and a fire-pit are at each site.

The owner of the campground is also a veteran and wants to help other veterans.

The campground is located on route 43 in North Hancock, Mass., 5 miles south from routes 7 and 43.


This is a very exclusive tenter’s paradise, with only 35 sites on 482 acres, there is a waterfall, 3 ponds, free use of a row boat, a water wheel, 10 miles of hiking trails, nature trails, a sauna, and campfires are always welcome in the fire pits at your site.

An emergency shelter large enough to accommodate everyone at the campground, an unusual playground that includes a slow moving trolley can on a track that can be driven by the children. The campground is dog free, so that you and your family won’t have to worry about being bitten harassed, or disturbed during your stay.

For extra security, there is a closely watched entrance with electronic monitors. You will also find Appalachian cabins (unfurnished with electricity for only $4.00 more than the tent site. Plus the usual games; badminton, horseshoes, tetherball, paddle boats (rental), etc. besides a wind generator, solar (water) panels, gravity spring water, solar heated wood shed, there is a hydroelectric power plant to take care of all the needs of the campground and the owners house and shop. It makes this campground the first and only one in the country since 1994 not to use any commercial power…

The carbon footprint is minus 0, since no electricity is used from the grid, no fossil fuel or wood is used to heat the owner’s house, to heat the hot water, or to cook, and there is 465 acres of unspoiled forest to clean the air…