Police Department

Police Chief – Sherman L. Derby, Sr.

Cell: (413) 464-5916




To apply for a Massachusetts Resident Firearms License:

1) Contact the Police Chief to set up an appointment

2) You will need to submit:
– A completed resident firearms license application [see below]  If you wish you may
obtain an application and fill it out when you come in for your appointment.
– $100.00 check made payable to the ‘Town Of Hancock’
(unless you are 70 years old or older & then there is no fee).
– A Massachusetts Basic Firearms Safety Course certificate (if you are applying for the first time)

Your picture will be taken when you come in for your appointment.  Please be prepared to remove your hat and wait for your eye glasses transition lenses (if you wear them) to lighten up.

If you are applying for the first time and not renewing your license, your finger prints will be taken by the Police Chief when you come in.

3) You may need to submit:
– A form of identification
– Proof of residence

To print out the Resident Firearms License Application click on the link below, fill it out and bring it with you when you come in.  If you have any questions when filling it out, please wait until you come in and ask the Police Chief.  References cannot be relatives of any kind.